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About Townhouse

We can promote your company, generate and communicate a competitive advantage, affect your bottom line.

We work with small local companies and major household names and everything in between, and we apply the same principles of insightful, effective communications whoever you are and whatever you do.

At the dinner table tonight look at your cutlery, it may be from world-famous Arthur Price – we are their retained PR agency. Patient communications, corporate literature and PR for one of the UK’s oldest family-owned firms, Salts Healthcare, who started in 1701. Regional media support for The National Lottery – we have been their retained agency since 2005.

The media landscape is constantly changing and we constantly adapt. We are media neutral and choose what is right for you. Just because everybody ‘seems’ to be doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow.

We don’t ‘do’ everything, but concentrate on what we do best. The team only includes seasoned professionals who understand what will and won’t work, and appreciate the need for results-based campaigns.

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