Lottery balls, pool balls, having a balls

Lottery balls, pool balls, having a balls

We have been one of the retained agencies for the National Lottery since 2004 and we regularly meet winners and watch their journey from the press conference when they won, to the life-changing things they do for their family.


Back in December 2010 Neil Jones and his partner Julie Kirkham won £2.4m.  We remember meeting them both on a cold December day in Stoke.  An avid Man Utd fan, (cue prawn sandwichwes) Neil always said his game was pool.


Fast forward six years and we caught up with Neil to showcase his rise through the ranks to being on the verge of England trials.  He’s a video of his love for the game, his team mates and his desire to put on an England top all for his father.


This is why we do what we do!





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National Lottery


Aug 2016


Events , Photography , Public relations